Queenstown, Tasmania

Queenstown has a population of 1,975 people. Lonely Planet describe this as a place where “kids with hoodies and crooked teeth look menacing on rusty BMX bikes – and then the weather closes in and you feel you’re in a slasher movie”. It’s definitely worth a look if your feeling a bit adventures head to one of the local pubs. Cheap accommodation if your brave enough to stay the night.

 It’s not that bad, actually, but it is an isolated mining town – the destructive strip mining on the hills above are ugly and yet beautiful at the same time.
One of the most famous part of Queenstown is there gravel Australian Football field (AFL). If you are lucky enough to see a game there its surely going to be a blood bath.
The Tasmanian government has put money into a tourist attraction the West Coast Wilderness Railway that leaves from Queenstown.