TICKETS ON SALE FOR FALLS 29 December -1 January

How about the some of the biggest acts on the planet! In the most amazing location! Up to 20,000 awesome people from all over Australia and the world rocking their festival socks off!

The only festival in the world where you are guaranteed to fall in love…In  Tasmania…With Tasmania…Even with a Tasmanian!!!  Or all of the above!

Falls Festival 2013-2014

Who says Tassie is boring!!!

Weather you are in it for the music, the party, the beach or just soaking up the festival vibe, Falls Festival Marion Bay has what you are looking for!

Set in the one of the most exotic festival locations you will ever see, the main stage is backs onto the picturesque panorama of the Marion Bay just a 15 min walk from the centre of the site…the perfect cure for any hangover!  Well almost any hangover…

Marion Bay BEACH

Music wise the festival is renowned for bringing some of the biggest acts from across the globe to rock out over the three epic days!  The sheer size and geography of the site means that the main stage, resti­ng in a natural amphitheatre allows punters to get in amongst the madness in front of the stage or hang back on the hill and just appreciate the show.  The rolling lawn leading back from the main stage comfortably holds up to 20,000 festival-goers.  Who just this last year saw the likes of The Roots, The violent Femmes, The Wombats, MGMT, London Grammar, Crystal Fighters and many more…(for a full list of 2103-14 line up visit )

Main Stage Falls

Things to do Tasmania FALLS FESTIVAL

Just a few hundred metres travelling past the multitudes of food vendors, shops information booths and tripped out cafes will take you to the Field Stage.  This stage finds you in a much more intimate setting in many ways the sound here can often be superior to the main stage due to the smaller set up.  Still just because the stage is smaller doesn’t mean it doesn’t have amazing bands!  See the link above for a full list!

If you are a bit more hippy and want to get into some of the weird and wonderful side shows, workshops and performances on offer then The Village has a huge line up of pumping DJ’s arts and crafts and some stuff that defies explanation. 

“Being far away from home-basically on the other side of the world!-it was amazing to start the new year 10 hours ahead from my family and friends in Germany at this creative music festival situated in beautiful Marion Bay’s nature.

The bands which played made the heart of indie music lovers beat faster, especially with this excellent mixture of international and Australian bands. Good music, good vibes! My personal highlight of the festival was the Village, a festival within a festival, with its colorful creative atmosphere, singer songwriter music, morning yoga, drawing courses and circus lessons!
I had the great opportunity of volunteering at Falls Festival, which made it affordable and fun, too, because the volunteer group consisted of Australians as well as lots of Internationals- great for making new friends! We had the amenities of a volunteer campsite, including hot showers- a real treat when you spent 5 days at a festival! ;)”

(Kathleen, Germany)


Now to basics!

This is a uniquely green festival, the toilets are self composting…and very clean!  There is fresh water available.  Given the delicate nature of the ecosystem in Tasmania it is really important to come with a healthy attitude and respect for the environment, your fellow revellers and of course the staff who go to huge lengths to make the festival the success it has and continues to be.


Alcohol!  There is loads of it…No doubt Australians like to get their booze on!  What happens if they catch you bringing alcohol in?  Well they send you home.  So better not risk it, they are fairly strict on BYO.

Vip Camping falls festival
Three days of camping is always a good thing!  You get to stumble through a minefield of tent ropes in the dark, which almost always gives you the perfect reason to speak to your neighbours!  Who are almost always top people from whom you can borrow all the stuff you forgot to bring!

International event

There are several campsites spread out for regular punters…but if you are on a budget or just like free stuff then there are plenty of ways to avoid the entry fees.


So just you want to get VIP camping, free hot showers, a communal kitchen free power for laptops mobiles etc…how you ask?  Well its really quite simple.  Just go onto the website as early as possible and apply to be a volunteer, there are loads of positions to fill and they only require that you do about four hours per day which is nothing.  A major benefit of being a volunteer is that you meet great people!  Many friendships are formed which is a major bonus as any traveller knows, those people you meet are all potential travel companions, oracles of info, local heroes with free couches to sleep on!!!


If being a Volunteer doesn’t float your boat you can always do a little research as to who are the food vendors and contact them directly they are always looking for staff…some pay others just give out free passes.  Either way you get treated like a star.  And of course you may find yourself at the biggest party of the year…the AFTER PARTY!

Falls after party

That’s right, the volunteers are all provided with as much FREE food and booze and music as you can handle on the 1st of Jan.  So after all your -not so hard work- you get to rock out with the best of the best for a night that I can personally say will be one of the loosest nights of your life!

If you have the power to get up early the next morning early you can also take advantage of the hundreds of abandoned tents, camping gear and all kinds of other treasures that the zombies leave behind…it is a very green festival and everything gets collected and recycled!

Obviously festivals are all about music, parties, falling in festival love and meeting great people but being Tasmania there is the special added bonus of being in one of the most spectacular natural places in the world!  It’s a fun relaxed and safe festival that caters to the needs of every demographic young or old.  For more information click the links below and plan ahead!


Word and pictures by Luke Reid.