“Oh wooow Tasmania”
Hi there, we were three crazy Backpackers off to good old Tassie, to have heaps of fun and meet nice locals as we did (best thing to do Couchsurfing.com, it’s just a great, funny and cheap option). We were in Tasmania for 8 days, for sure one of the best week from the whole year abroad.


The trip : we started in Launceston (where you should have a look into the museum it’s really nice and spend a day at their little paradise on earth….) and had probably the best hosts ever. We were off to Scottsdale to visit a lavender farm, unfortunately it was out of season, the best time is probably in December and you’ll see everything PURPLE, but it was still beautiful to see it as we did. The lady from the shop told us to go to the “Little Blue Lake” (the locals are so nice and try to help every time). So we were off to this lake, which is in between Derby and Gladstone. It’s just an awesome place. You should definitely go there.

Then on our way to St Helen we wanted to go to the Cheese factory, which was close but anyway we found our way (it’s the same) to the Columbia Falls, sooo nice. It’s probably a 10 minutes walk to the falls, you feel like you were in the jungle, it’s not big but still a nice place to be.
After this we were off to St Helens which is quite small, but a nice spot close to the water. As we were there the end of the afternoon, we went up to Bay of fire, which was one of our favorite spots in whole Tassie….just one of those unbelievable places on earth. If you can be there when the sunset is, you will have the most beautifulest pictures and the eyes full of wonder. The same day we went to Coles bay to stay the night there (at really nice locals too).

Coles Bay, Tasmania
Early the next day we went to the Freycinet National Park, which is amazing. We saw a wallaby on the parking spot just next to our car and took some great pictures. In this park you can do nice walks, we did the short one to the point of view because we didn’t have the time, but if you can do the walk to the Wineglass Bay, you won’t regret it, it’s a nice walk its about one hour and once you there it’s amazing.
That was our trip along the east coast, after this we went to Port Arthur (on the way you can visit the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, we didn’t do it because we were too late after 5pm there’s nothing going on), and the same evening we went to Hobart and had a great time with some other hosts.

We spent 3 days in Hobart which is still not enough, it’s a beautiful city, we had some nice diner and Salamanca is beautiful to spend the evening/night, you can find some nice clubs too. That’s what we did and we had heaps of fun !! One day we did the Tahuna Airwalk which costs 25 $, maybe it’s a bit too much for what it is a the end but we were all happy that we did it, nice experience. (the way from Hobart to the airwalk is quite long, you should plan something else to do in this area, there are lots of fruit farms).
Another thing we did when we were in Hobart is Mount Wellington, most beautifulest view of the city, you need to do it, and even if it is warm in the city, take a jumper
Go to Lake St Claire, it is really beautiful, do it on your way to Craddle Mountains and if you do have the time, you should do the walk around the lake which is nice.

On our way back to Launceston we went to Queenstown where we stayed the night, Queenstown is kind of weird but the drive is really beautiful from the lake to Queenstown.
The last day we were in Craddle Mountain National Park and did the walk to Dove Lake (just because we didn’t have enough time to do a longer walk, if you do have the time, again, you should do the walk.
On our way back we had lunch in Devenport, which is a nice spot to spend an afternoon. And then back to Launceston.

Nice nice nice week, we will come back for sure !!

Thanks Tass, thanks to the locals, thanks for the best weather ever (28 degrees everyday), thanks Claire and Will !!

 Kati Fe – France