Will Hoffmann- Founder of Backpacker Tas

Will has a passion for travel and adventure, he has backpacked around Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, India, Philippines, Fiji, Vietnam & China. He knows how important its is to have helpful information at your fingertips

“After Couch Surfing around parts of the world I got inspired by travel writers to give back to the backpacking community and start Backpacker Tas.”




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Luke Reid- Public relations

Luke Reid is a Tasmanian born photographer who has been living and working in Spain since 2009. He has recently returned to his home in Tasmania to collaborate with Will Hoffman and He brings over 10 years experience in photography, digital and camera departments for film and television, production and service to the team. He is a keen traveller, bushwalker, fisherman and creative. He speaks English and Spanish.



Chris Terry – Photographer contributor

Chris is a photographer with a passion for design and architecture. He has been one of the key organizers in setting up the Ben Lomond Terrain Park.

Francis Photo


Max Conway – Photographer contributor

When its snowing Max is shredding up the mountain, when there are waves Max is catching some barrels. He also takes a fine photo.