At a sunny Wednesday morning I started my big adventure with a lot of provision and pleasant anticipation in my luggage. I started not as usual at the Ronny creek car park“, but at Dove Lake, because I heard you should not miss the view over the lake. Although my luggage was ridiculous heavy and […]

For the last couple of weeks my friends and I had been planning a camping trip to the beautiful White Water Wall in the Freycinet  National Park.  The trip consisted of rock climbing, abseiling, diving, snorkelling, cliff diving, hiking & all round good times. After a 3 hour drive from Launceston in my Land cruiser & trailer packed full of […]

Poison snakes. Leeches. Endless rain and knee-deep mud. The path to Tasmania’s Darwin Crater is fringed with hazards. The old woods track leading down to the crater is unmaintained, thickly overgrown, crossed with downed trees and pocked with muddy bogs. Very few people in the world have made it into Darwin Crater. If you want […]