TICKETS ON SALE FOR FALLS 29 December -1 January How about the some of the biggest acts on the planet! In the most amazing location! Up to 20,000 awesome people from all over Australia and the world rocking their festival socks off! The only festival in the world where you are guaranteed to fall in […]

    There is no point complaining about the cold and wet in Tasmania, so instead it’s time to embrace the chilly days and long nights at MONA’s winter extravaganza, Dark MOFO. The grip of the festival sprawled across Hobart’s waterfront but stretched as far as the iconic cradle mountain, delivering the organic shocks and […]

Imagine if you developed a gambling system that over time won you hundreds of millions of dollars. What would you do?  Throw a huge party for everyone to enjoy, build an empire or spend all your cash on expensive art?   Well in David Walsh’s case, all of the above but with one difference, he not […]

My classmates were exactly the sort of inbred degenerates you would expect: an unusually short and hairy yet bald mainlander hippy Jew with a ferocious appetite for alcohol and unhinged women, an irritating contortionist/undertaker who liked to cross-dress, a dead-eyed ASIO assassin turned vegan environmentalist, a pompous pommy git who had made a fortune selling […]

Sunday, 15 December 2013   If you come to Tassy you wanna see the nature, the crazy wildlife of Australia, the wonderful landscape (if you’re not interested in that cancel your flight straight away!). There are two ways to explore that: by helicopter and plane (which is pretty expensive and probably no choice for anyone […]

  As an amateur to the travelling world, my motto has been to experience and see as much as possible…without breaking the bank. Especially as a solo traveler, keeping within a tight budget can be a near impossible task, with sky high fuel costs, expensive rental vehicle costs and…well…that goes with everything else in Australia! […]

What is Dark MOFO? a festival celebrate the dark through large-scale public art, food, music, light and noise. The festival is funded and organized by David Walsh the art collector who has made his fortune by developing a gambling system. Here are a few photos I have taken while visiting the festival.   Amazing light shows next the […]

This finally is my report of my one week travel around and through Tasmania. Lean back, grab some cookies, it could last a while. After being more or less lost at Hobart, not knowing what exactly I should do, I met a guy on Facebook who wanted to rent a car and explore the island […]

“Oh wooow Tasmania” Hi there, we were three crazy Backpackers off to good old Tassie, to have heaps of fun and meet nice locals as we did (best thing to do, it’s just a great, funny and cheap option). We were in Tasmania for 8 days, for sure one of the best week from […]