Backpackers Tas “Tasmania”  is  a website aimed at providing backpackers traveling to Tasmania the best experiences our island state has on offer.  We have Travel Story’s from people all over the world. We are always on the lookout for new ArticlesTravel Story’s and Things To Do in Tasmania.

We plan to expand on the website covering

  • Accommodation in Tasmania
  • Transport and bus timetables in Tasmania
  • Parks and wildlife information in Tasmania
  • Best times to travel to Tasmania
  • Save Money in Tasmania
  • How to travel for free in Tasmania
  • Hitch hiking in Tasmania
  • Couch Surfing in Tasmania
  • Events and festivals in Tasmania
  • Cheapest car rentals in Tasmania

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Why do we need Backpacker Tas?

Backpackers are a very large potential market for Tasmanian tourism; in fact, backpackers are one of the largest tourist markets in the world. Despite this, Tourism Tasmania has shied away from focussing on the potential economic benefits that this market has for the state of Tasmania. Backpackers tend to stay in one place longer and in turn spend more money than short term holiday makers. They are more likely to stay in small towns and cities spending most of their money with small businesses and tourism operators. When they have a good experience, backpackers may well return later in life with their children, bringing another whole generation of visitors to Tasmania.


“International backpackers are a lucrative tourism sector which generated close to $500 million in visitor expenditure in Victoria in 2007.” [Backpacker tourism action plan 2009-2013]


With the backpacker market at $500 million in Victoria alone, and cheap regularly available flights from Melbourne to Tasmania, the only thing stopping Tasmania from benefiting from this potentially large market sector is the effective distribution of useful tourism information targeted at backpackers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]